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Social bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a swift and easy way to get acknowledgment for your website. You have to register with all of the Social Bookmarking Sites and then start bookmarking and properly tagging the pages from your site. Social Bookmarking is an inclination that has risen dramatically.

More About Our  Bookmarking Services

Social bookmarking submission has developed into a powerful tool for SEO experts. It involves linking sites within the various forums, blogs and message boards on social networking websites, blog sites and content centric sites like Digg. Considered a better alternative to submitting a website on blogs, manual social bookmarking is a simple, convenient and hassle-free way of making sure that your site is noticed and marketed in the right circle.

Key Features

  • All Social Bookmarking is done Manually by trained staff members via one of our established partners.
  • The links that you get are always one-way and permanent, which means no reciprocal link is required.
  • We offer continued customer service and we stand behind our work.
  • Most of our sites we submit to have a minimum page ranking of 4 and go all the way up to a page rank 9.
  • Our pricing is highly competitive and the we believe best in the industry, only 30 for our social bookmarking service!
  • We allow our clients and customers to give us three unique tags or keywords and one url per submission.

Benefits of  Social Bookmarking Submission:

  • The first key benefit is your ability to access you bookmarks from anywhere with a connection to the Internet. Because your bookmarks aren't saved on your computer then this means that you can view and browse your favorite web pages from anywhere.
  • Search engines love to crawl social bookmarking sites as there aren't much better websites for search engines to crawl than social bookmarking sites.
  • People visiting the Bookmarking Sites who find your web site content interesting will eventually bookmark your site which will result in rise in popularity of the site. And as it gains more and more popularity more and more people will start bookmarking it.
  • It is an excellent tool to get free traffic. If the content is good enough and even more net surfers start bookmarking it then it will be on the move and you will get more and more free traffic for your web site.
  • You will easily Discover what's popular i.e. On most social bookmarking sites you can see what's hot and what's not - that is you can see what everybody else are sharing in their bookmarks for a particular tag. This is an excellent way of finding relevant bookmarks for you.
  • Many will find your content compelling enough may just consider to link-back from their websites to your website. This way you can again gain a relevant one-way backlink for your web site.
  • Last but not the least, when you bookmark your web site URL to these Social Bookmarking sites and agree to share it with other people, your link, depending on the 'tag' you choose, is often placed for some time in good relevant web pages having fairly high Page Ranks. And that's exactly what you may have wished for.

S. No. No. of Submissions Package Cost Order Now
 1. 50 Social BookMarking $15
2. 100 Social BookMarking $30
3. 150 Social BookMarking $45
4. 200 Social BookMarking $60
5. 250 Social BookMarking $75

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