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How to Handle Negative Reviews on Your Google Business Listing

Remove Negative Reviews from Your Google Business Listing| Seowebnuts


Remove Negative Reviews from Your Google Business Listing – We are living in the so called ‘digital era’ and your online persona is paramount to succeeding in business. The Google Business Listing is one of the most important parts of this reputation since it contains the reviews of your customers. As much as positive reviews are a great way through which your business can be accredited, negative reviews can pose a great deal of stress and frustration. On the other hand, managing negative comments in a proper way can transform a potentially negative experience into a positive cornerstone. Here are some tips on how to handle negative comments on your Google Business Listing, provided by Seowebnuts.

How to Handle Negative Reviews on Your Google Business Listing

Stay Calm and Professional | GMB Negative Reviews

Whenever a negative review appears, it is quite natural to become defensive and start writing an impassioned response. However, there is an importance to remain calm and professional at all times when dealing with the clients. Just as importantly, your response is not simply to the reviewer but for anyone who will see it in the future on your Google Business Listing. Politely answering the customer’s feedback demonstrates that you value them and their feedback thus you are willing to assist them.

Respond Promptly |Reviews on Your Google Business Listing

In this case it is important to respond to the negative comments as soon as possible. A fast response also shows the customers that you are interested in what they have to say and are willing to act on it. A quick response to inquiries offers the potential customer the confidence that they are working with someone who is eager to address their needs and the issue is unlikely to get worse.

Acknowledge the Issue

When responding to the review you should begin by respecting the opinion of the reviewer. Therefore, even if the complaint may seem groundless, acknowledging the customer experience helps a great deal. Let your words be polite such as, it is sad to know you went through that experience or you have our appreciation for bringing it to our attention.

Apologize Sincerely

One should remember that a simple and honest apology can help a lot. An apology demonstrates concern and initiative to rectify a situation even if the problem is not in your power to handle. Do not use any form of apologetic or defensive tone but instead inform the customer how sorry you are that they had a bad experience.

Provide a Solution

Once the mistake has been acknowledged and an apology given, a way of addressing the problem should be given. Regardless of whether one can offer a refund, a replacement, or simply an invitation to talk through the issue in person, including a clear call to action can go a long way towards rebuilding trust. For instance, “It would be appreciated if you could take the necessary action to rectify this. Kindly contact us at [phone number/ email] so that we can work out how to put things right.”

Learn from Feedback

This is because negative reviews can tell you about the specific areas that your business needs to work on. Identify whether there are common trends or other related feedbacks given. Is there a tendency of the customers to complain about specific products or services? This is important information that should help you make the proper changes and avoid such occurrences in the future.

Encourage Positive Reviews

To minimize the posting of negative reviews, you should encourage the positive customers to also post positive feedback. This does not mean calling on people and asking them to fake reviews but rather calling on people who have had a good experience with your business to leave their reviews. You can do this via email responses, billboards, floor stands or during customer confrontations.

Showcase Improvements

If you have implemented some of the changes that customers have suggested, then make sure you inform people. Write about how you have handled customer complaints and how you have upgraded your business services in your Google Business Listing or social media platform. It can also be useful to make this information public to improve your credibility and to show customers that you care about them.

Take the Conversation Offline

If there are matters that are more serious and require deeper discussions, then offline is the most suitable approach. Make sure you have included your phone number preferably a direct line or your email address that the customer can use to call or write to you. It enables a more elaborate discussion and proves that you are eager to find a solution to the problem.

Monitor Reviews Regularly

It is always advisable to check on your Google Business Listing often. Make sure to receive notifications when new reviews are posted so you can address them right away. In this way, you can control and manage your reviews so that your online reputation is always on the rise, and any problems can be solved as soon as possible.


Managing negative comments on the Google Business Listing profile is important as a means to maintaining good public image. It is important to remain calm and not rush into responding to complaints and feedback as this can be a chance to learn from mistakes and better the customer’s experience. Do not forget that each review is an opportunity to emphasize your client-oriented approach and make potential buyers confident in the fact that their opinions are important to you.

As you know from this article, there are several cases negative reviews may appear, and here is where the strategies from Seowebnuts can help you to overcome the current and future issues and build a more robust business image on the Web.


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